Small, contemporary garden Groot-Ammers

Modern backyard with lots of privacy, and still a nice view on the surrounding landscape.

In this small backyard in Groot-Ammers were some major problems asking for an original solution. For example, there were some height differences in the garden which were not practical, and divided the garden. There was no privacy due to the sidewalk but also a nice view from the garden to the landscape. In addition, the garden was quite subsided. The height differences ultimately became the strong point of this garden design.

The terraces are enclosed with lightweight zinc walls that will not sag on this weak soil. The high terrace near the house offers a beautiful view over the countryside while the enclosed back porch in the garden gives maximum privacy. The privacy is created by hardwood poles in rows that are combined with ornamental grasses. In winter, nice and open in summer closed but still with a view. Long flowering perennials provide color and atmosphere. The interior of the raised borders and the chosen materials ensure that this garden requires minimal maintenance.

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