Low-maintenance garden Zwijndrecht

Last winter we have been commissioned to create a low maintenance and modern garden design for this little backyard in Zwijndrecht. It had to become something special.

To get more depth in the garden and an enclosed feeling there are two present-day pergolas created from Douglas Wood. The entire property boundary is made of vertically mounted planks. To keep it serene everything is painted black. To connect the inside living with the garden the same 80x80cm tiles are used indoors and outdoors. Also the white plastered wall look that has been applied in the living is constructed in the garden.

The decking is made of composite fibron boards. This material is virtually maintenance-free and stays more beautifull for much longer than hardwood. The raised border is made of corten steel. A very distinct material with lots of character. Everything is featured in the evening with beautiful wall fixtures and spots. Garden lighting can do a lot with the atmosphere of a garden.

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