Contemporary garden with covered lounge area in Papendrecht

In Papendrecht we have designed and landscaped a modern backyard .

There is a sunny and spacious terrace created near the house. Two transparent trees provide shade where needed and atmosphere. Use has been made of ceramic tiles in the size 80x80cm. The tiles are processed in a stabilized sand. These tiles are scratch and algae free.

In the left corner a douglas wooden covered area is installed. It is by our own design and construction. The advantage of this is that the construction is well integreted with the rest of the garden. The covered area is equipped with a fireplace and heaters so that they it can be used throughout the year. Additionall it creates much more privacy in the whole garden.

The covered area is grounded on a composite decking so that the timber is free from the damp soil. The result is a very low maintenance garden. The lush plant borders create atmosphere and excitement in the garden. The species are perfectly adapted to the growing conditions and require almost no maintenance. The firewood storages have several functions. They serve as seats and wood storage. The oak firewood give the garden character and warmth. Both literally and figuratively.

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