Garden design

Teo van Horssen has 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining gardens. Within a wide range of green spaces, like small(er) gardens in cities or even on rooftops, business parcels and cottage gardens, we developed specialisms according to our own vision.

It’s you who starts the voyage of discovery to your pure landscape. That’s our opinion. The feeling your garden has to call for is the guideline for our design, which will have to match your character and the character of your property. We carefully outweigh these emotional wishes against the immutable requirements as location, size measurements and soil conditions.

We like to work with various qualified landscape architects and garden designers. Together we look for the right way to go and decide which garden designer suits your needs, expectations and situation. For an overview look here. (Collaborations with Landscape Architects and Garden Designers)

Regularly we also design gardens ourselves. During an acquaintance meeting we can tell more about it. You can also download our design brochure with information about the process of designing and the corresponding rates.

Below are three sample projects showed from design to construction.

View our design projects